Sunday, May 29, 2011


So, since we had SO much fun with the last challenge, we thought perhaps it is time to do it again! We asked what you said said booty. So this is going to give you a little bit of BOTH!

This challenge is called The Plunge. Can you guess why? Yep...Planks....annnndddd lunges! What better way to ride into June and prep for shorts and bikinis and pay attention to the key areas? It is always MY (W) personal challenge areas & we (M & W) would be thrilled if you come along for the ride!

As in previous Challenges, there will be daily trackers on ISFP. You are in charge of keeping your own score and adding it to the tracker. (**NOTE**...THE DAILY TRACKER IS NOT is on our Facebook page & dated to that specific date. Just scroll down the wall until you find it). AND..BONUS..for every post you make, you will get an entry in a draw for a........

...that's right GYMBOSS interval timer. A HUGE shout out to Gymboss for supplying the prize. They absolutely ROCK in my opinion. YES!!

So, this is how it works:

1. The first segment of the challenge is lunges. EVERY DAY THERE WILL BE A DIFFERENT LUNGE MOVE...for 7 days. The lunge portion will be 2 minutes long. You time yourself to see how many of the daily move you can bust out, then keep your score.

2. The second part is easy. You drop and hit the plank position, til failure. I don't care if you do it on forearms or arms fully extended. The key here is keep your core tight, back straight as an arrow and hold it UNTIL FAILURE! Note your time and track it.

3. As I said, we are doing this for 7 (SEVEN) week. You are going to get a little diversity with the lunges, but some stability at the same time with the planks not changing. After the 7 days are up, we are going to do a REPEAT performance of the entire thing. You should see some improvement in the second half of the challenge, methinks.

So it is pretty straight forward. If you have any questions AT ALL, feel free to ask away!

Start Date: June 1st
End Date: June 14th

I will have, in the daily tracker, descriptions and pic or videos of how to perform each lunge move. This is really fun!! I (W) have already given it a test run, and lemme tell you, your butt cheeks are going to feel it!

Yep...we have been practicing! :-)

Please join us this month for the challenge..come on..get your buns in gear!!

Wendy & Matt


  1. Ok, these are like two of my least favorite moves... but come on ~ it's only a few minutes, and it's something to get me moving forward. Thanks! I'm in. :)

  2. Oo so fortuitous that I just linked to your blog today! I love a good fitness challenge. I'll add you to my google reader :) Do I need to do anything else?

  3. Welcome to the Plunge, guys!!

  4. I'm in - where are we logging our times on here?

  5. HI Lyn,
    On the left side is the link to my Facebook page. Just go there & if you are not a member, click LIKE, then you will see the daily trackers, dated to that specific day on the wall. Just scroll down til you find them!


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