Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shining in spite of clouds

The morning was off to a stellar start!! Up at 4:45, coffee on and baked Coconut Pecan Baked Oatmeal in the oven. It was RACE DAY! And Ladies Fest at that!!
This race has a KILLER hill at the end, only justified by both the delicious men handing us roses & Bernard Callebaut Chocolates as we cross the finish line.

I can hear Lauren happily trudging (is that possible?) up the stairs. The day is off & rearing!

5:45 and we are packed & in the car and heading to Lethbridge. The clouds are looking ominous, and thunder is is the forecast. Hmmm...hoping for no lightening. Is it just me here or does Lauren have a theme color going on?

I may need more coffee...

It still looks like rain & the temperature is rather cool, but will be perfect for running. We duck in under some trees for a pre-race shot...not great lighting. :-(

Our official Mom & Daughter team bib numbers:

The race was fabulous (was it just me or was the swaying bridge we ran across just a LITTLE daunting)! Lauren did so great & I am extremely proud of her!

I also got to cheer in some of our ISFP members at the finish line. It was great to meet up with them at the post race brunch as well. These ISFPeople are everywhere!! Today was amazing...I couldn't believe how many members I ran into at the brunch. Some I knew, some introduced themselves to me. I was literally in AWE!! I felt honored.

Some local ISFP members! You guys did so great at the race! WOOP!!

Lauren & I were had just the best day. Lots of laughs (she cracks me up), some shopping and lunch at The Penny Coffee House. MMMmm...Falafel wraps & Moroccan Lentil & Chick Pea soup! Perfect!

Today was such a perfect day...the rain held off, I got to spend the day with my favorite girl and meet some wonderful friends! It was a day of feeling like I did something right: Like I raised my daughter to see the good in the world & watch her share my passion for running and to discover the difference ISFP is making that I sometimes am unaware of. These are the sunbeams that shine though the darkest clouds.