Friday, May 6, 2011

Joseph Matthew LaChance

 As some of you know, one half of the ISFP team, Matt LaChance, lost his son tragically.  Here is his tribute to him.  Rest in Peace, dear Joseph. 


20 years and 2 days ago, the Lord blessed Chris and I with the greatest gift one can receive, the gift of life.  Joe was our world, we even decided to not have a second child because we didn't want divert any of our love away from him.  He was talking by one and taught himself to read at three, to say he was bright is an understatement.  He was the easiest teen one could ask for, reasonable and responsible.  He was a good student and a good athlete.  For two years he loved crew.  At 5’8” he was placed in boats with 6’ + team mates and not only would he keep up, he excelled.  Attending RPI, he received a substantial scholarship and again excelled again.  This year he made the choice to change schools to WPI where he maintained a 4.0.

Yesterday we lost him.  We are shocked, heartbroken, and overwhelmed with sadness.  We will miss his quick wit, sharp mind, caring smile.  We will miss the future he took with him, our chance of being grandparents, the satisfaction of seeing the next generation achieve.

I will always admire my son for the inspiration he gave me when at the age of 14 he took it upon himself to transform from the little pudgy kid to the weight lifting machine with guns to die for and the sixpack abs.  Without Joe, I might have never found ISFP.

I know my month has been hard, having some problems at home, issues with my knee, but there was nothing to ever indicate that something so horrific could ever happen.  This is not the life we envisioned.  Simply put, it will be hard to see the future when the brightest light in your life has be shrouded in darkness. 

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  1. This really makes me see that happiness after disaster is possible. I wonder if maybe ive grieved too fast and questioned all kinds of things. I lost my husband in july of 2011 because he too was shrouded in darkness from post traumatic stress disorder from serving our country. Horrible things always happen to the greatest people. You are an inspiration to me. God bless you.


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