Saturday, April 9, 2011

**Our Very First ISFP Member Story** from Cynthia Sambro-Rier

We are very honored & thrilled that you chose to share your story with us Cynthia!! We love that you are inspired to run & write about it (we do that too)! Wendy & Matt :-)

Here is a bit about Cynthia Sambro-Rier!!

"I basically just started running last June. I'm a novice at 39 and have fallen deeply in love with running. It has challenged me in ways I didn't think was possible and I'm finally, at almost 40 ( on Friday) have found a medium that is helping me grow spiritually, physically and emotionally. I have a blog that no one follows ;) except for me and a friend but my story is pretty much there".

Thanks for taking the time to take a look!


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  1. Thanks Wendy and Matt! You guys rock and are an inspiration!


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