Saturday, April 23, 2011

*ISFP Member Story of the Day~~Kristy Fassio*

Matt & I want to say a HUGE wow!  Kristy, your story is phenomenal and inspiring!  Reading your story just got us all fired up..the kind of "we can do anything" feeling overtook us!  You can do anything you set your mind are living proof!!

Cheers, Wendy & Matt

Here is Kristy's Story:

I never, ever remember NOT being overweight. Food was my  medication, my comfort, and my friend. So it was no wonder that I spent all of my teens nearing 200 pounds and my 20s well over it. I didn't let it get too in the way of life, but seriously, you can't weigh that much and be able to do everything. I hated working out, although I did it sporadically just because I thought I should. I would lose a few pounds here and there, but nothing stayed off. I managed to lose about 60 pounds before my wedding, but two pregnancies later and I was at 283 pounds.

Then I had an epiphany. I was making organic, home made baby food for my daughter, and I realized that I was doing for her what I had never done for myself. I wouldn't dream of giving my child toxic crap, so why was it ok for me? I knew something needed to change.

That's when fate stepped in. I was out driving with my then 3.5 month old when I drove by a mall. They were having a baby fair, I had time to kill, so we went in. There, I ran into a spunky red head who owned a local Stroller Strides franchise. I had heard of it and wanted to try. She said she was opening one the next day. I took a flier, and spent the evening trying to talk myself into going. I succeeded. The next morning I packed up myself, baby, and a stroller, and ventured out. I haven't looked back since. Those three days a week saved me! The workouts were fun, I enjoyed being outside, and I loved working out with my daughter. I managed to lose the 20 pounds I'd put on since having the baby, and wham, was pregnant again. This time, instead of stopping workouts and putting on 60 pounds, I continued Stroller Strides and only put on 30. Labor was even easier.

But now, with two kids, and the scale nearing 300, bigger changes had to be made. 3 days a week wasn't going to cut it, and serious diet changes had to be made. I starting exploring raw food, whole food, eating clean. I dug deep to figure out why my relationship with food was so wonky, and started taking baby steps to fix the issues. After losing about 50 pounds, the owner of the Stroller Strides franchise approached me and said she was selling - I jumped and the chance and bought it! Of course, now I really had to walk the walk! I had made big changes, but no one wants to be trained by someone who still weighs over 200 pounds!

It was at this point that I went to the national Stroller Strides conference. There, huffing and puffing through a workout, one of the instructors ran with me, encouraging me the whole way. I tried to tell her that I just wasn't a runner, and she laughed at me. "You look like you're running to me! I never want to hear that again!"  After the conference, she contacted me about an online training program she was starting, and asked if I would like to work with her. I didn't think twice - I signed on that day and things really began to change. I was now working out HARD 6 days a week. I was adding miles to my runs and shaving off minutes. I was eating clean, eating nothing processed, cutting out alcohol, and the fat was melting off. Muscle starting poking through! Little by little, I started to look like someone who should be training people!

Fast forward to now. I'm down 104 pounds, teaching 5 fitness classes a week, just ran my first 12k, thinking about a triathlon, I'm expanding my business, and I'm getting my personal trainers certificate. I love what I do. I look back at who I was even 2 years ago and I no longer recognize that person. I'm a happier person, and better mom, and a better wife. I adore helping mommies find their inner strength! I still have weight to lose, but I know it will come off. I love being an inspiration to others, but most of all, I love being an inspiration to myself!!

In Health,

Kristy Fassio

Owner/Instructor Stroller Strides of Maple Valley and Kent
Body Back Pro
Benson Hill Cooperative Preschool Registrar
Online Chair, Relay for Life of Black Diamond, Covington, Maple Valley



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