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This story is a little is how one girl refuses to let an injury keep her down. We have all been injury happens. It is hard to deal with, but the thing is you have to get your head around it! Gwen is sharing her story with us! Thanks Gwen! We love your story and spirit!


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Don’t Let Injuries Throw You Off the Wagon

This week, I made a tough decision. I’m not doing Broad Street Run (10 miles) this year. It would have been the first time I’ve done a race longer than 10k. I was so set on doing it.

The decision wasn’t easy, but the pain in my knee was/is still screaming SLOW DOWN. It started about six weeks ago when I originally began the 10-week training program for the race. I started Four Hour Body about the same time. I was only running three times a week and was actually excited to follow a schedule. In fact, I had printed out the Hal-Higdon’s beginner training program and then cut out each week’s schedule and glued it to the corresponding week in my planner. Hardcore.

I started to feel the pain in my knee in week two of training, then got completely side-lined when I hurt my ankle. I was teaching a two-hour boot camp class and ending up rolling my right ankle pretty bad. In my 10 years of teaching, I’ve never done that. I actually didn’t know what to do. Sit down? Get ice? I felt like I didn’t have really any choice, so I kept teaching and going all out. I couldn’t feel the pain because my adrenaline was pumping … until later that day.

Since the ankle incident, I rested a lot. Stopped running, rested more and iced my injuries. Then, without training and from three weeks of being immobile, I did a 5k with my cousins. My ankle and my left knee hurt. Another week of complete rest. Then, the Phillies 5k with hubby. OUCH.

Off to the doctor

Today I went to see a doctor and was totally caught off guard when I had x-rays done there and apparently now need an MRI to see if I have a tear in my meniscus. Doc and I actually think I got the injury two years ago doing a mud run. It’s been coming and going since then.

But, can I tell you — I can’t stand resting! I miss running and doing plyometrics and really want to be doing hill sprints and stuff?

Sticking to the diet

Good news is that my diet is still good. I’m still on Four Hour Body. Day 44. I haven’t lost much more weight, really, but the food has helped my mood and I really think it’s preventing me from packing on the pounds. Keep in mind, I was teaching six or more classes a week plus doing my own cardio and weight training before all this rest. Well, I’ve been doing a little pilates and upper body strength training — but no high-impact. I feel like I’m doing nothing!

The last time I hurt myself pretty bad, it was a pre-metatarsal stress fracture. (I got this twice.) Meaning, all the jumping I was doing was stressing the bones in the tops of my foot. I had to slow down a lot and with that, I got discouraged and started eating like crap. It was a total downward spiral.

I won’t let it happen this time!

My plan

I’ll get the MRI done and see what the results are. Possible surgery, possible rehab. I’m hoping to stick to the mud runs and races I have planned already. Other than that, I’ll take this as a sign to slow down, focus on writing, my new job, friends and family … and diet!


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Gwen also has a great Facebook page which you should all check out, called Fit Friends! Here is the link:!/FitFriends

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