Thursday, January 5, 2012

ISFP 2nd Anniversary "The Ultimate Body Press" Contest Winner is.......

...well ok, we are going to announce it, but for those who participated and watched along, the winner may not be who you think! Yes, in fact Workout Girl did win the competition, hands down. She brought in the most amount of new likes to ISFP.

But here's where it gets great! She wants to do a Random Act of Kindness by passing the Dip Station along to the second place winner. WOOP WOOP! How awesome is that??

So without making you wait any longer, we are proud to announce the winner: Sarah Russ!! **insert cheering noises, chest bumps and high fives**

**We have no idea who these people are. The pic was just freakin' funny**

Sarah, if you could send an email to including your name & mailing address, that would be fabulous. Congratulations to you, and thanks SO much for the good deed, Workout Girl!!!

Wendy, Matt & Rachelle


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