Thursday, December 29, 2011

"GUNS AROUND THE WORLD" with I See Fit People

OK. This is the deal. January 4th will be the 2nd Anniversary of I See Fit People. Let's just say we are giddy with excitement.

Now...for those of you who have been around for a while, well, you know we have just a little, shall we say, fixation on the guns. Yep...arms are big with us. Some of our fave words: muscle, flex, gun show, pipes, biceps, tickets, Tony Horton, tricep get our drift. celebrate AND have you all join in with us, we are having a photo shoot, called, "Guns Around The World". Pay attention..this is going to be AWESOME!

Now, sure we like pics of individual guns, but for this festive occasion, we thought we would up the ante just a bit. We want you to get as many people as you can into your Gun Show picture. The more creative it is, the better. Get your office staff to join in, your gym mates, a bus load of people on your way downtown. We don't care...just get LOTS and LOTS of guns in your pic!!

To make this just a bit better, we have made a sign that you can print off, and you can fill in your city, town & country (PLEASE USE A BLACK MARKER so we can read it). The deal breaker is this: You need to be holding this sign up in the pic to qualify.

Here is the sign. Save it to your computer and print it off. You can enlarge it as well, if necessary, before printing!


So we are giving you a few days to think about plan your attack.

There will be a prize sent out to the person who rustles the MOST guns up for their photo op.

The "GUNS AROUND THE WORLD" pics will be posted on January 4th only!! So you can plan, scheme, and snap pics now, but no posting of the pics til then. We want to see our wall PLASTERED with guns...from far and wide...Nova Scotia to Paris (yes I know you people exist). EVERYONE can join in on this...LOCK & Load, baby!!!!

Wendy & Matt

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