Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ISFP 2nd Anniversary "The Ultimate Body Press" Contest

We are back at it again...(finally) with a really AWESOME contest! As you know, we (M & W) have a goal...we are almost there and we might make it anyway, but we are aiming for 5000 fans by December 31, 2011. So to give us a little edge, we thought we would host another refer a friend contest. This was a natural to tie in with our 2 year Anniversary of I See Fit People!!

We usually let these things take care of themselves, but we both are rather determined and REALLY, REALLY are excited to try and reach this number. Consider it one of our personal goals! We want to try to encourage and motivate as many people as we can in 2012!

Yep..the rules are pretty simple. The person who has brings the most new people to the I See Fit People Facebook page will be the winner of Ultimate Dip Station!

So basically if you share our Facebook page on your wall, and someone joins because of you, you get an entry. HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: All you have to do is make sure they come over to our I See Fit People Facebook page and say they were referred by you. Easy Peasy!! If they don't tell us, you don't get credit. Of course you want credit for this one!!

We will track the referrals, and the winner will be announced on our 2 year Anniversary: January 4th!! WOOHOOO!! We are SO excited about this. We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Ultimate Body Press for so generously donating this prize!! Someone is going to be a VERY lucky winner!!

Check out all the Dip Station deets at Ultimate Body Press.

Also go "LIKE" their Facebook Page!!

START DATE: December 28, 2011
END DATE: January 4, 2012

The best of luck to you all!! Go knock 'em dead!!

Wendy & Matt

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