Sunday, January 22, 2012

Out, OUT Damn Piles 'O Dung!

I talk all the time about getting rid of the crap piles that we sometimes let accumulate in our house. Today I did a quikkie pile removal in the form of my bill payment system.

I always had a sort of mish-mash system, of a basic desk letter bills. It was kind of organized but always in my face by the computer. I am telling you, this visual POD (Pile 'O Dung)in your peripheral 24/7 gets to grate on one's nerves.

I was inspired by my sister Wanda, who I borrowed the idea from (thanks homeslice!!) and decided I need to make one too. Better late than never. I am quite thrilled with it. Small changes = HUGE results!

I love my technology based organization, but to me there is something great about tangibility. I want to see it, feel it and have it at my fingertips in a moments notice. This was perfect.

So I made a trip to Walmart's stationary dept and fixed myself up with the goods: Binder, heavy duty protectors and post it dividers. WOOP! After sorting all the bills out, labeling them alphabetically of course, in about an hour I had it done.

I could have bought a fancy schmancy premade calendar but I used my trusty Medicine Hat Co-op one and cut the top off and punched some holes. works.

So now I have a few things to get rid of in the corner, starting with the almost empty letter holder. Now I have one binder..ONE. When the bills arrive, I add them to my calendar by due date, put them in their spot in the binder and have a little more control over the paper monster who can be a very scary creature!

It's amazing how just doing one SMALL thing can give you such gratification & peace of mind. You want to be healthy? It has to be a total package of mind, body and soul. Today I am getting a workout of all three! YES!

I TRIED to find a binder with pictures of Dumbbells, sweat, or P90X plastered over the front, but alas, I got the bright flowered version. Dang it all. Oh and I am just NOW seeing Shaun T's ripped self in the left side of this pic. YES!!!

OOO Shaun, you are so cagey. :-)


  1. LOL
    I actually was visualizing you cleaning up dog poop when I read this post's title!
    I need to do a big clean up too. At least the paperwork will get organized next month as tax time is around the corner...

  2. Nice job, Wen! A clean desk is a sign of a clean mind!!

  3. What's a dirty desk a sign of?? LOL Mwwhhaaaa...

  4. What a great idea! I'm so steeling your idea for bills! My bills sit on top of my dresser and get thrown away when I pay them. They bug my mind daily!