Monday, September 5, 2011


It is running time for most of us. LOTS of races to do and lots of miles/km's being racked up! So we are bringing TEBMC back for round THREE!! We LOVE the participation levels & love how excited you all get when it comes to tracking.

The challenge is a little different this time: it is RUNNING only! IN the past I have added in other forms of mileage, but we are doing runners ONLY!

We would like you to track your mileage in a notebook and send us a total, VIA THE EMAIL ACCOUNT BELOW, once a week, which ideally, will make it easier for us to track. Then our email account would be a bit more manageable, especially if we get a lot of people participating. Sunday would be the best day for tracking totals. You can just give me one number: total miles for that week. It does not need to be broken down.

Also if you are not a member of our facebook page, you can join by clicking on the Facebook app which is to the left of this post or click here.

Send ALL emails to:

NO ONE but Matt & I (and of course yourself) will know your total. It is about competing with yourself and no one else. After all, isn't that what running is about...your own personal best?

The start date is TODAY, Sept. 5th
The end date is Oct. 3rd

The WINNER will receive a SWEET Sports Bean prize from Jelly Belly!! Jelly Belly pulls through for us every time, so they deserve props! I think the winner will love a Sports Fuel prize pack! The prize goes to the runner who has the MOST miles/kms at the end of the challenge.

Matt & I are both training for Vegas. Matt is about to start, and I am already underway for a 1/2 Marathon, Melissa's Road Race, on Sept. 24th! I will go right from one training into Vegas training. We will be running right along with you all!!


Wendy & Matt


  1. Can't wait to start the challenge. I will post this on our Antigonish Late Bloomer site! Get the ladies going again!

  2. Thanks so much Michelle! I hope it inspires them!

  3. So excited :) I'll be sending you guys my totals over ISFP on facebook! I'm only training for a 5k but hey...gotta start somewhere to be able to start somewhere right?

  4. If you could send all totals to the email listed in the above post, that would be fabulous, thanks!!