Sunday, July 3, 2011

NRG Bars review

I am slightly smitten. Just a little bit. I had the pleasure of receiving some samples of NRG Bars. I was totally curious about them after seeing a post on Tony Horton's wall on Facebook. He said he was a major fan of NRG. So then I started stalking doing my homework & finding out what the HECK all this commotion was about.

When I received the samples,I kind of felt all giddy, like a kid in a candy store. You know how you pick up the packaging and gaze upon it's beauty, give it the sniff test then go in for the kill taste test.

OK. This could either be a good thing or a bad thing. The good thing is all of the bars are delicious. I tried the Pumpkin Ginger, Cranberry Almond & Chocolate Chip Coconut. Here is where it gets ugly: remember the icebox cookie dough that was always a staple in the house? The slice & bake kind? OK...I LOVED the cookie dough as a kid (and even now as an adult). Well, after I had sampled the second bar, it was crystal clear: THIS is what they reminded me of. Ice Box cookie dough. Good. Lord. It is perfect!

NRG, you did a fabulous job of putting together a bar to fuel our lives!! They are all-natural, energy bars made from real foods. How can you beat that??

The down side is, I am going to have to stock up- when I go south of the border. We can't get them here in Canada (YET...crossing my fingers).

If you haven't tried them, trust me...they are for lack of a better word, yummy.

Also, I have been hoarding the stash of samples....trying to keep myself from mowing into to them. Oh NRG are cagey, how you weave your magic web!

Thanks again, Danny!!

If you haven't checked them out yet go to their website and take a peek at NRG!!

Also they have a Facebook Page you should scope out & "Like"!!

Wendy Kennedy

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid in any way to promote this product. Trust me, if that ever happens with ANY product I review, there will be one kick ass party at I See Fit People Central. :-)

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