Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Chin Ups Challenge

It is time my friends to get this underway! We gave you a little break from challenges because mainly, we felt you needed it. It is summer, we are all busy and it is freakin' hard to commit to anything extra when you have kids, a job, a life and summer time festivities. After the Burpees Challenge, which was kind of a dud (no offense to those who participated...including myself), it was good to have a little break.

But now we think it's time to pick at the one thing, next to push ups that most of us want to beat into submission: The Chin Up. Mother. Of. Pearl.

For those of you who have been here a while, you might remember the first time we did this challenge, about a year ago. It was a worthwhile thing...there were results, no doubt. So it will work yet one more time.

After a little banter back & forth, Matt & I decided we are going to KISS. HA...gotcha...we are just going to Keep It Simple Stupid. (No we are not calling you stupid). We both, personally are BUSY, BUSY!! So we figured you all are likely going through the same thing. (BTW, the shirt was NOT planned...haha!!)

This challenge is EASY: Chin ups (reverse grip) to failure. There will be a daily tracker on I See Fit People, as always. If you aren't a member on Facebook, look to the left of this page for the Facebook application & simply click "LIKE". Then join in!!

I (W) will be pretty much starting from scratch. This is not my strong suit. I can only do a few right now, so don't feel discouraged. If you can do ONE, ONE is what you start with. Each day, you should AT THE LEAST be able to do one more. There will be some of you on the opposite end of the spectrum, that are way more advanced. That's GOOD. You can be fuel for our fire. :-)

So with that being said this is the deal:

Start Date: Monday, July 18th
End date: Monday August 1st gets good. There is a nice prize attached. Vega has so generously donated a small tub of Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer in Berry flavor. This is worth $42.50 CAD. A VERY generous offering on their behalf! Check out the above link to see all the wonderful features & benefits their products offer. I am a HUGE fan of this company & their line up. It is sports nutrition at its finest! Vega is made exclusively from natural plant-based whole foods.

With every daily post of your total, you are going to receive an entry into a draw for the VEGA when the challenge is over. I think that is a great incentive!!!

We hope there are LOTS of you that want to join in!! Spread the word and get your friends in on it too. Feel free to post the link on your personal page and get someone else fired up too!

Wendy & Matt


  1. Where is the tracker please? Thanks! :-)

  2. As per above instructions, the tracker is located on the I See Fit People Facebook page. There is a box to the left where you can join if you haven't already. Every day there will be a new tracker, dated for that day. Thanks!