Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things you WON'T find at I See Fit People

Things you WON'T find at I See Fit People


1. Fluffy, cutesy quotes oozing rainbows & unicorns. We prefer subtance & meaning that hits home when we read them.

2. Masking or denying how we really feel in order to appease the masses. Sorry, but if we have a mouthful of crap, you can count on us saying SHIT!

3. Holding back our thoughts. Um. NO. If we have something to say, we say it. If we are vexed (and it does happen occasionally) we like to use impactful words like the F Bomb. It cures a LOT!

4. Pretending our lives are perfect when they are not. We all have trials...issues...problems. We are human. And we share that with you on a daily basis because you can relate. We all just want to know in the end that we are not alone in circumstance.

5. Photos of fluffy chickens, baby rabbits or any type of farm animal that could induce the Cuteness Coma. (OK, there was that one time with Matt & the cow). We prefer pics of sweat, muscles & well used gym equipment. We opt for adreneline over coma. Common sense really. (We aren't hatin' on chickens. Really, they are adorable)

6. Disrespect, jealousy or any words in the Thesauraus remotely related. We are SOLELY about support, drive, motivation, inspiration, listening, helping and most of all LEARNING. That is what we do and we do it with friends, both old & new.

7. Fake pictures of ourselves. OK..we post pics a lot! It is not because we are narcissistic. It is because we are DAMN PROUD of how far we have come. This is NOT a magasize shoot, photoshopped to the nth degree. This is us. We have fun with this, and we are proud of our accomplishments. We want you all to feel that too! We DON'T think we are perfect. We are a work in progress. Every single day our feet hit the floor...let the work begin!

To recap, if you came to ISFP looking for any of the above things...sorry to disappoint, but you must have "LIKED" the wrong page. :-)

**stepping down off soapbox**

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