Saturday, August 25, 2012

Never Let Them Shoot us Down....

You know those workouts that you are going right along, minding your P's & Q' are lifting things up, putting them down...just having a regular ole time?  Yeah...well that was me tonight in my workout.  I have my injured arm, that I cannot do much with, but I have a little mobility.  On the other side I have the fresh ink from earlier today (on yeah, I finally got me a little piece of Jon BonJovi) and it is sore too.  So it's about the legs and abs, pretty much.

So, I get myself through a sweaty 15 miles on the spin bike, feeling PDG and want to do something more.  So I hop off, construct myself a nice legs and abs circuit and get down to bidness.  I get about to the halfway mark and BAM!  It happened!  Heart's "If Looks Could Kill" came through my earphones and I was thrust into the DeLorean and taken back to 1986 (I think..haha) and the Lipsynching Wendy of Yesteryear took over and I was front and center on my high school stage.

You see I have a bit of a history and I hold a title in this department.  You may now just refer to me as the Queen of  Lipsynching.  Yes...I did rule the winter carnival for several years, and proudly did so with my entourage of friends who were ballsy enough to think we had it going on.  One year at Winter Carnival, my best friend Janet & I did Heart's song, "Never".  We.  KILLED.  IT.  The only real competition that year was from Craig Langille, who did Kim Mitchells, "Might as Well Go For a Soda" and was on stage just before me.  Yes...we knew we had to do something about letting him win.  So, it.  Was.  Brought.  

We won the contest, with the massive hair, the air guitar, the outrageous outfits, the mandatory leg kicks and the moves, baby.  

 I LOVE Heart.  Their music does this to me pretty much every song.  I used to dream about being Ann Wilson and having her powerful, all consuming voice.

I digress.


Let's speed up to the year 2012 again and back to tonight.  

Tonight, I was powerful and yes..some of it was my voice echoing at a level that would make Mariah Carey proud,  but most of it was physical strength.  Yep, my arms weren't agreeing, but my lower half was totally consumed by a power and force and I was going with it!  I was pumped.

I proceeded to dance my way, mid workout, through my entire basement, doing me a little air guitar, a whole lotta leg kicks and checking all the action out in my family room mirror.  Classic 80's moves, right there!!

I have been feeling almost like half a person, workout wise since this accident.  I just feel like my upper half is never going to get there, even thought I know I have to just be patient and wait.  I haven't had a run since the fall because the couple times I tried just juggled my arm around too much.  But I am ready to try running again.  I have even thought of gearing up something to kind of hold my arm in so it wasn't getting moved around.  Not sure how that would affect my balance, but hey, I will try anything! the moral of this story is this:  I am finally feeling hopeful.   We all need hope that things are going to get better.  Tonight for that moment in time, hope came to me.  I felt the power like the old Wendy had.  I felt like I was freakin SheRa and Ann Wilson combined.  

So tonight I would like to personally thank Ann Wilson for kicking my ass, getting my mind back in the game and making me focus on the things I CAN do.  And I eventually will be able to do again.'s a mighty powerful thing!  


  1. lol..I would have LOVED to have seen that ;)

    Is it your rotator cuff Wendy? I had that injury, sounds very similar. Running killed..but same, I rigged a strap to keep it tight to my chest so I could still do it.

    Long recovery, but it does get there...then it's just getting over the mental part because you are SO scared of effin it up again. I did laser therapy and massage to speed up the process.

  2. Brenda, I will have the results tomorrow, I believe. The dr thinks yes it is rotator cuff. Agreed, it is def the mental part that rules you. I am trying to keep totally positive here. Thanks for your reply. :-)