Saturday, September 1, 2012

I See Fit People MOVE. YOUR. ARSE. Challenge


Start date:  September 3, 2012

End Date:  September 17, 2012

So have signed up for this challenge and you are wondering what all the kafuffle is about?

WELL...September is a new start and a fresh start for a lot of us.  For some of you it will be about just starting out on your fitness journey.  For others it will be about getting back into a routine and for some maybe  it will be about upping the ante and getting better and doing MORE!

So the theme of this month's Challenge:  MOVE.  YOUR.  ARSE.  is about doing ALL these things.  It's about moving more, and starting to move or just being active like never before.

This challenge is doable for everyone right from the beginner up to the hardcore.  It's about a personal challenge and doing the best YOU can do.

So here are the rules:  It's pretty simple.
1.  For every 15 minutes of activity, you get one point.  YOU will be responsible for tracking these points.
2. There will be bonus points available to you via EXTRA ISFP Add Ons that we will throw at you during the challenge time frame.  You won't know when you are getting them.  You will have to watch the Challenge wall and our Regular Facebook page to catch them.
3.  The challenge will run for 2 weeks.  TWO weeks.
4.  We really don't care what kind of activity you do.  This is the great choose.  Walking, climbing stairs, running, biking, lifting things up and putting them down, mountain climbing, surfing....anything.  The sky is the limit. 15 minutes is 15 minutes.
5.  At the end of the two weeks, you will send IN PRIVATE, to our email your total of points.  We are going with the honor system and we hope there will be no cheating.  IF you post on the wall your total and we miss it, then you will miss out on the chance for an awesome prize. At the end of this challenge, you will email us your total. Only you and us will know your totals.
We anxiously await the totals.  :-))
6.  On to the good stuff.  The prize:  The person who racks up the most points during the MYA Challenge will get their choice of a MYA Tshirt or tank (ladies only for tank) and a matching hoodie.  These are featured in the pics below.  A pretty sweet prize indeed for working your arse off, n'est pas???

That about sums it up.

Oh, fun fact:  The term "Move your arse" is a good ole, hardcore, east coast, Nova Scotia saying.  If you are from there, you will appreciate the meaning, especially when you heard it coming from your parents or grandparents growing up.  When it was uttered, you MOVED!!!  :-))

So let's kick September off right.  Let's move our arses like never before and get active and feeling alive!!


Men's Thsirt

Unisex Hoodie

Ladies tech Tank (MY fave!!)

Ladies Tshirt

Yeah you NEED this shirt, ladies!  :-))


  1. YAY, totally can not wait to get my arse moving this month!!!

  2. Would love one of those shirts. Can't afford so MUST EARN!! I can't wait!!

  3. I am so excited about this,,Let's do this!

  4. I just wanted to thank all of you for doing all of this. These challenges make working out "funner" ;p.
    So, for all the effort that you put into getting these challenges set up and going...Thanks!!