Saturday, July 14, 2012

Imperfectly Perfect

You are here as a member of I See Fit People for a reason.  Is it because you need motivation, or inspiration of just because sometimes you simply love it when we give you all a kick in the ass?  Is it because you feel like this is a home, of sorts and you feel comfortable? (**singing WE are Famillyyyy**). Is it because Matt, Rachelle and I are not trainers and we have no qualms in saying what's on our minds and keeping it real every damn day?  Is it because we don't pretend we are perfect and we are quite ok with simply being us? 

I started I See Fit People simply as a reference point and a place to ask and answer questions for a few close friends.  It snowballed...well, ok, it rather turned into a full fledged BLIZZARD.  I didn't expect it or plan it this way but I welcome it, every single day, because like brushing my teeth, this is a habit. This is part of my EVERY day.  YOU, as a member, are one of my reasons.  You motivate & inspire ME!

But there are lots of things you, as a member, don't know about us.

A lot of times, and I know I have done this myself, members get caught up in thinking the Page owners are rather the "be all and end all". That whatever we say is gospel, that if we do it or think it, then holy shit, it must be the ONLY way. Well, Hell to the NAW!  It isn't that way at all.  We say what we believe and it is then up to you to make that choice to agree or disagree.  We speak with conviction and passion about what we do here.  We know, based on how big our group is, that we must be doing something right.  But ultimately you choose what works for you and if inspiration or motivation came from us in your choices, then good on us!

We are not perfect and we do NOT know everything.  We say this over and over again.  We are not Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Oprah, Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels.  We are not Arnold or Flo Jo or Apolo Ohno or Michael Jordan.  We don't know every single thing about nutrition or fitness or well being or financial advisement.  We have no degrees hanging on our walls and what we know we learned by getting out there and doing it and LIVING it!  And we are still learning every single day and we sure are not afraid to say it out loud!

We have bad days.  We have LOTS of them.  But you don't always get to see that side of us.  You have seen us through the death of a son and two fathers this past year.  You have watched and read our stories and helped us through our grief.  For that we thank you.  But there are days that you don't see us talking about things that are horribly rough.  That even though we had a day that seemed almost unbearable, we are still posting our usual posts, trying to keep you all motivated and on fire.  We cover each other's asses when these days happen and things just keep moving and we get through them.  Then we come back with a vengeance!

Matt & I had a conversation last week during one of my really bad days.  I told him I was having a weak day, but I would get over it.  I told him the only difference is that while we are weak, we still have to be strong for everyone else that is relying on us.  And we try..we really do, but we are not Super Human.  We are not walking PhotoShops of Life or little clips of perfect movie endings.  We break down and we cry, we hurt and we bitch and we fail at things just like everyone else does.  We trip over doorways, have lipstick on our teeth, we eat cheesecake and we do the same thing you all do the next day: we get up and we start FRESH.  We brush off our pants, wipe the lipstick off and we keep on keeping on!

My point is this:  Every day, we put ourselves out there.  We post pictures, we talk about our lives and we do occasionally get judged.  Mind you we are no Johnny Depp here, but we do understand the little inkling of what it's like to be scrutinized by the public.  I saw a picture this week that seemed to sum it up:  It said:  Before you judge me, make sure you are perfect.  Not only did it hit home for some of the things that have been said to us on ISFP, but it personally made me more aware of what comes out of my mouth.

I am Wendy.  I am a mother, a wife, a lover, a friend and a sister.  I am inspired & driven & I just want to live while I am alive (thank you Bon Jovi).  I can also be a walking disaster, I can be your biggest nightmare and I can get up in your grill like nobody's business if provoked.   I am a package deal of togetherness and falling apart all at the same time.

I don't always have my shit together, but when I do, it's magic. And it's contagious. 

We are I See Fit People...not I See Perfect People.  Welcome to the club.   



  1. i love you guys! i hope you all have a zillion good days and no bad days.. keep up the great work!