Monday, December 23, 2013


OK...I admit I LOVE my yoga gear.  Ironically enough, I do not do a whole lot of yoga (**insert me ducking from all the tomatoes being thrown**).  BUT, I do everything else in between where I have every reason to wear it.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to try out some clothing from a company that I just found out about recently.  They are in my opinion about to give one other very well known company a run for their money. They are called YOGASMOGA and basically, they ROCK!!

Let's talk about first impressions here.  Check out this wicked packaging:  It definitely says love to me!  :-)

I was literally like a kid on Christmas morning opening this up.  The colors were jumping out at me as I unwrapped the packages.

Not only is shipping FREE  *cue angels singing* but shipping is fast.  Their customer service is some of the best I have ever had and that is big in my books.  Hey it is about the people after all and if you as the customer are made to feel great, then winning all around.

First lets talk about the TIPPY TOE LEGGING.  Oh. Em.  Gee.  I am wearing the color 'Violet Twilight'.  These are seriously amazing.  I gave these a run for their money on the first night by putting them through a legs workout, Wendy Style.  They came out the winner.  What I loved most about them is the waist is just a little higher, so during my workout I didn't feel the need to keep pulling them up.  The color is only the most fun color EVER and I got some killer acclaim from 4 people after not even being in the door at the gym for 5 minutes.  They have an awesome little back pocket  as well as a front pocket where I like to stash my gum and lip balm (pertinent to every workout).  The fabric is soft on the skin and no pilling occurred,  WOOP!  Good looking & fun...sounds like my kind of clothes!

Next up we have in the matching 'Violet Twilight' color, the U & Me Bra.  I really love this bra.  It is super comfy, no parts that dig into my sides and once again the material is soft on the skin.  The only thing I was wishing for was inserts in the bra.  Maybe it is just me, but I would feel more covered, I guess is the word, with the padded inserts.  

Next up we have the TICKLE ME TANK in the color 'Coral Pink'.  Now almost everyone that knows me knows how much I detest the color pink.  But this is SO not pink and is the most AMAZING coral color.  It makes me just want to run someplace tropical and get a tan!  The color pops,  it is totally comfy on my body, with just enough fabric to hang perfectly and in all the right spots.  No chafing occurred or pinching and the bra is basically the same as the one pictured above, only made into this fabulous top!

And the last piece I want to talk about is the RUN JUMP 'N PLAY CROP.  The color I am wearing is Grey Cavier and honestly every girl should have something grey and wonderful in her fitness wardrobe.  After all, grey IS the new black!  ;-)  I love these and they have basically the same features as the leggings but in a cropped version.  They are super comfy, loving the waist line and they do wonders for the boo-tay and the quads.  Oh yeah!.  

Over all YOGASMOGA gets two HUGE thumbs up from me.  I will buy from them again and I am already checking out some colors like Crimson Rose and India Blue (OHHH..I need this in my life) to add to my fitness wardrobe.  

One other fun fact:  For every purchase you make, you earn SMOGI BUCKS which you get to redeem on future purchases.  This is such fun!  Hey who doesn't like saving some cashola?  

Thanks YOGASMOGA for being so awesome and letting me put your clothing to the test!  You, in fact, ROCK! 



  1. Great article. I totally agree with you. I have been a fan of yogasmoga since last April. You've got to try their Slimmie pants they are the best and in black color which is the deepest black I've ever seen.

  2. wow your back looks so gorgeous in these. amazing colors!

  3. I bought some slimmie pants in carbon black and india blue tights back in april of last year. I only wore the black ones maybe 4 times because the length was a little short and was going to sell them when I saw that there was major pilling in the crotch area like I had worn them for years! I emailed them and they did nothing, just said their quality is good. Given I'm very similar body type to you Wendy it was upsetting that they implied that it was me not the fabric. Major shame cause they are super compressive and opaque.

  4. Hi Wendy!! Just wondering what size you got in the run jump n'play crops?? Did you follow the size guide and was it the right fit?? I'm looking into getting a pair....i've heard to maybe size down?? Not sure - any suggestions would help! thanks!