Saturday, June 1, 2013

The best is yet to come.

The past year has been a trying one for me physically and emotionally. I struggled with a broken arm for months and I still have limitations, but I am getting stronger and I WILL surpass where I was before.  That is my goal.  My dad also died, leaving me in a crappy place mentally.  I didn't give a shit, literally, about a whole lot for a good long time.  My drive was gone, I questioned everything in life at that point.  Was this it?  Was this all there live your life and then in an instant it is gone?  I am still working on this and I am getting better too.  I had to heal both my insides and outsides here.  I was a hot mess.

Fast forward to a year now.  I am excited about life again.  I have drive and passion and I am making plans for my future that scare the bejeebus out of me.  But it's a great feeling!  I wake up with purpose and a vision for what I want.  And I won't stop til I get there.

So I am just finishing up my final week of Body Beast.  This program taught me a lot.  I followed the nutrition like never before in any training schedule.  I was adamant about doing it right, lifting heavier, making changes in my body.  And I did it!!  I have yet again switched the ole body parts around.  I have added muscle to my frame and I got my arm back almost to where I was before.  When I started lifting again I could only lift a 5 lb dumbbell with that arm.  I am using 30's today.  Improvement?  HELL to the yeah!  When I started Body Beast I could only do pullups and chinups with my assist.  I still need the assist for pullups, but oh yeah this week I eked out 5 chinups in a row UNASSISTED.  Progress?  Shaaa, yes!!!!

So now what?  Where am I going from here?  Well I have my plans laid out.

As some of you may know, I talked about doing a fitness competition.  I have next spring in mind for that.  It is something TOTALLY outside of my comfort zone, but I think I have what it takes.  I never in my wildest dreams thought those words would escape from my lips:  "I am going to do a fitness competition".  Yes, it seems somehow completely insane yet perfectly normal all at the same time.  I WILL do this.

I have to up the level of fitness yet again.  I know full well the scope of what I am getting into. I have been actively involved in research for almost a year now.  I am doing my homework and I am not afraid (ok I am, but fear is good!).

I know for some people, this will bring mixed feelings towards me.  I know full well the effects I See Fit People has on the public and this move is something that not everyone is going to appreciate.  This is where I come to say that it's ok.  You don't have to like what I choose.  And it's ok if you think I am a little insane.  I am fine with it.  Sanity is highly overrated.   It is something I want to do for me and no one else.

But do NOT for one minute think that I will forget what it is like to be the girl that has that extra weight on. Or that I don't remember EXACTLY what it feels like to be at day one of learning how to run, or lose 30 pounds, or change my eating habits.  Because they are as fresh today as they were back at day one.  For me, this again WILL be my day one.  And I am still here every day, AS ALWAYS to help you guys out and hopefully keep inspiring you to do more too!

 It just means that ISFP will be involving new ideas and that I am growing and changing.  I hope you will cheer me on during this process, because honestly, I am scared to death and I could use a cheerleading squad! 

I will be doing a program called Achieving Prominence, which is put together by Ashely Horner, an amazing figure competitor & Triathlete.  I am also going to add to that mix Focus T25, Beachbody's newest HIIT program that releases in June/July.  It will take me to a level which I believe will ready me for competition so I am going into it with a solid foundation.  I don't mind hard work at all when it comes to fitness.  This program has a well rounded regime that I think suits my style.

Having said all this I simply ask for your support.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, as always.

The best IS yet to come. 



  1. You're amazing, Wendy! You will rock it! Go on with your bad ass self! :D <3

    1. Thanks Athena I really appreciate it!!

    2. Wendy, you are such a strong, beautiful woman and such an inspiration! I'm excited to follow your new journey!

  2. Wen you rock and I a proud to call you my sister....You will knock their socks off!

    1. Thanks so much Wandie. But you are my hero, too!

  3. I can't wait to cheer you on and read all about your upcoming challenges and hard work. I have enjoyed ISFP's badassery and awesomeness and will watch for more to come.