Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just looking back for a minute....

I just want to reflect for a minute here on several things:

1. I have met MORE amazing people since I created ISFP than in my whole entire life previous to that. It has been one year and 7 months since launch day. There has been a MAJOR "AWESOME people influx" in my life.

2. I would have never met Matt unless I had created ISFP.

3. We would not be where we are today without our joint effort & your participation and zest for bettering yourselves.

4. We plan on meeting as many of you as humanly possible, as often as possible.

5. We are a force to be reckoned with. We know that. And when I say we...that includes YOU along with Matt & I.

6. My eyes have been opened more & my heart has been touched in ways that are unfathomable in this past one year, 7 months. I am NOT the same person I was then.

7. I wake up in the morning & the first thing that's on my mind is you guys. Well, technically I think, "I wonder if Matt posted yet"? Then I think about you guys. I wonder if I would know you if I met you on the street or if you would know me?

8. We have a mission. We might not have the whole picture colored in yet, but we have the crayons out of the box. (Back away from the red crayon,'s mine). And we like to color outside the lines. We think you know that. We are not standard or ordinary or cookie cutter. We are us..Wendy & Matt. We are one of a kind...literally. And we don't plan on changing. We are going to grow & you are coming with us.

9. You all are HUGE parts of our lives with it! We love you like a fat kid loves cake. You fuel us, drive us, make us see things in new ways, make us more determined than EVER to succeed. How could we ever repay you? How much thanks would ever be enough? You are a phenomenon. Thank you.

**stepping off soapbox, shutting off mic**

Wendy :-)


  1. Oh Wendy, you rock so much! Let's totally meet in person! I'll visit you- I've never been to Canada :-)

  2. Thanks Sarah! I would love to meet you as well!