Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Maybe I Can

I never imagined I would or COULD inspire anyone. I am really nobody unusual or special. I am just a normal girl, with some dreams of my own.

Lately, and ESPECIALLY, because of my Facebook group, I See Fit People, I have started to think that I CAN make a difference and help someone change their life.

When I started the group on FB, it was to help out a few friends with questions and pass on some good info that I came across. That was it. I sent out a few invites, and Shazaam! It was on a roll!

I have no degree or certification...I just love this fit & healthy way of life and I am completely passionate about it. I woke up one day...literally...and decided why can't I do this? Why can't I run, be healthier, make a difference in my own life, learn more? So I did.

It has almost been 2 years since I grabbed the bull by the horns and tossed him around a little bit. I started running, eating the right things, reading, absorbing, networking and growing (while shrinking a little physically), building muscle and expanding my fitness repertoire. Oh CAN be done. I don't care who or what you think you can or cannot do. I am living proof that you can change yourself. I know this sounds like beating a dead horse, but mind over matter. That is all it is.

It goes without saying that after ISFP started growing, I became a little more dedicated and involved. I honestly, every single week, get messages from people asking my opinion about food, exercise, motivation. I am astounded. I mean, who am I? Am I someone worthy of giving advice when I have no formal training? I often wonder about that, but then shut that little devil on my shoulder up, and start typing a reply. I think if something has worked for me, then bloody heck, it is going to work for someone else. Keep asking me questions. I will answer.

I sometimes am silenced and brought to tears by some of your messages and stories. I am ALWAYS honored and feel so privileged that you chose to share your life, struggles, goals, dreams & successes with me. These messages come not only from complete strangers, but from some people I have known my entire life. They tell me I am their motivation...I keep them going when they didn't feel like it. Little do they know, but they are the ones who are doing the same thing for me.

I want to live not only for myself, but for others. I am going to keep doing what I am doing. If I think I helped even one person make a change that impacted their life, then I have done something fabulous.

I have met some amazing people because of ISFP. From across the globe, in fact. Yes, it is true...people EVERYWHERE struggle with the same things. We are all brought together with the tie that binds: To be better, be more, change ourselves..the list goes on and on. To meet an ISFP memeber in person...well, it rocks. To everyone I have met so all blow me away! I cannot wait to meet even more of you!

I got this great message from someone last week, who I really didn't know well at all. It was kind of funny, but impactful at the same time. She saw me drop my son off at school, music as usual, blaring from my car stereo. She said she saw me doing my little car seat dancing & bopping and it just made her day. Nothing huge or earth shattering for sure. But the fact is she took the time to send me a message to say it lit up her day.

The moral of the story is this:

Do what you do because you love it & have passion! You never know who is watching and taking something great from that!

Change little step at a time.


  1. Wendy, you are one of those people who inspire people just by "being". And not just because you are my sister. I thank you for the encouragement you give to me every day and give me the will to keep going.

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I am one of those people who has become a better person because of you!! I joined "I See Fit People" on facebook by chance, now I make sure I go on your site daily just to get the quotes, and truly inspirational information. You motivate people, me especially .....thank you for being "YOU"!!!


  3. Wandie...if you only knew you keep my going too. You have always been there, in every aspect if life.

    Laurie...I am really thrilled to have you as a member. Anyone from the Homeland is a friend of mine!!!

  4. Wendy you ROCK. I love ISFP and it's the first place I visit in the morning and the last place at night. your dedication to this worthy "cause" and the time you devote to it is MUCH appreciated. Who needs degrees or certifications, anyway? You have your PhD in Life and Reality and that's all that matters. You are helping us by getting out there and sponging up then sharing the knowledge you find in all the crazy places we don't know how to find! YAYYYY! Keep it up....we LOVE IT!

  5. to reply to ur comment on the carob chip brownie cookies.. i dont have the full nutritional info unfortunately... but they are high in protein and fairly low fat.


  6. That's ok, Kelsey. I can calculate it. I just thought it may have already been done! I am excited to try them.

  7. i just saw the cookies you posted on ur facebook page and OMG THEY LOOK SO GOOD! actually i want the ones YOU MADE! im so happy you liked the recipe! im gonna give you a shout out in my next post, cuz these deserve to be featured!