Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Eye of the Ipod

So last night's treadmill run started out like every other. I got on with intentions of maybe doing 7 or 8 k. So I crank up the tunage...listening to a little Dead or Alive to get me going. I popped a 1/2 a pack of Sport Beans before the run and had a delightful Inca porridge from Tosca's Eat Clean book for supper!!

Before I know it I am busting into a great legs feel great, my breathing is even and calm and I am sooo feeling this run! Maybe it was the quinoa from the porridge?? Maybe it was Jon and Richie guiding me along??

I am not sure why, but as I continue along, I am not feeling tired, in fact, it was quite the opposite. I was pumped...burning up the runway, ahem, treadmill like I OWNED it! Ok, I actually DO own it, but I digress.

So, just about the 7k mark, Eye Of the Tiger comes on my Ipod. I all of a sudden become Rocky Balboa....I am running up bleachers, and hills and chopping wood and yelling Adriiiiiiiiiannnnnnnn like nobody's business. I turn up the speed a notch. I am frikkin' Balboaaa!!! Yanno, minus the boy parts and crooked mouth and hairy legs. But in my mind, I am HARDCORE training here!! I....ammmm....Rockkkyyy!

Ok...I made it through to about 8 or 9k and I am going strong. I have run out to refill my water bottle cos I emptied it sweating up a storm, but in 30 seconds I am back on that treadmill. I crank the speed up...I crank up the Ipod...I am not tired. Then, my treadmill is transformed....Sexy Back comes on and I am on the runway in Paris, wearing my couture sheath and my delicious Louboutin's. I am in the zone.....lights are flashing, my hips are strutting and I feel so JLo right now. Oh Em Gee, I am LOVING this run!!

Another drink of water (I am halfway through my second bottle and sweating profusely) and I am into the 12th k. I am gettin' crunk! Missy comes on and **insert dj record scratching sounds** I am all OVER that run! Is it worth it...lemme work it....the treadmill, that is. Get your minds outta the gutter.

I am coming down the home stretch. Desperate Housewives is coming on soon and I have to finish this much as I am not tired, not sore, just PUMPEEEDD!!
I am over 13.5k into the run, and I flip forward to some nice cool down music to get me calmed down. I am feeling so ADD right now. I need to simmer down. Then Bon Jovi is signing to me how he would love to "Pull down the covers and light a couple candles", and instantly I am coming down to my Happy Place. I feel like swooning and giggling, and I am howling to the top of my lungs all the Leann Rimes parts. I don't care that the bedroom window is open. I am singing a duet with Jon here, people!!


As I pull out the magic blue tab from the treadmill, I complete my 13.75k longest run since I started running in April. I am proud...damn proud. I am not tired, or sore, just happy and sweaty and wanting to run further next time.

Was it the porridge?? Was it Rocky or JLo or Jon??? What was so magical about this run? It could just be it's the Eye of the Ipod. Rising up to the challenge of the treadmill. I went the distance.

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